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A case for divorce

I went yesterday to a wedding where I barely knew anyone, except the light of my life and two of his friends. The ceremony was a bit weird. During the opening dance for the evening, the newlywed  chose to waltz, instead of a simple slow, and they barely looked at each other, too concentrated on not to fall. Then, as the evening went on, she started chatting with all of her friends, while he was dancing on the floor with his. One of my man’s friends whispered that this marriage was ill-fated. My man agreed, and so did I.

Before the dance, their friends showed us some videos about them, and there was also a clear unbalance between the two. For the bride, her colleagues (!) put a video of her at work. For the groom, his friends showed a collection of his antics, and a warning for the bride about his many passions. We all concluded that she was a workaholic, and that he was a party guy. How can such a combination work in a marriage?

I may be optimistic about love, I’m not sure this can last. Both are young (24) and I suspect the parents pushed them to get married because they were living together. I would have loved to ask the bride if her husband was the man she was dreaming of. I bet she doesn’t have a clue about what she really wants in a man. I can’t blame her for that. Many of my friends and acquaintances told me they didn’t know what they want until they reached a certain age.  Some still don’t. Few people I know have a thorough list of what they want from their soulmate. I had a classmate in high school who made her (long) list, and she had the guts to quit a relationship that didn’t fit to her standards, many times. I don’t know what happened to her. I hope she has found the one.

So, have you ever made a list of requirements for your potential husband/wife/ significant other?


2 thoughts on “A case for divorce

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    firstly, i hope you did not buy a terribly expensive wedding gift for them. it is sad that most people nowadays expects other adults to have been divorced once or twice before.

    secondly, no. i have never made a list.

    thirdly, if i did make a list, she would have to be 5’3″ 😛

    hope you had an enjoyable easter weekend…

  2. No, I didn’t buy any expensive gift. I just paid for their wedding travel. It’s not sad, Ellis. It’s just that we try to be realistic. I do believe we have a significant other.
    Hope you had a good easter weekend too 🙂

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