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All the rules? Break the rules!

With my friends, we have talked a lot about this bestseller. But I have to admit that I don’t fully agree with the authors. I do agree that it’s important for a woman to be independent and not pay too much attention to men in general, but apart from that, I don’t think you have to be educated necessarily to find your Mr. Right. Besides, if you’re into sensible guys, using this technique to get yours will only push him away, far away from you. I guess the authors have taken their personal experiences into account to write that book, and their ideas of their Mr. Right must have been clear in their mind. The rules they preach for may attract a certain kind of Mr. Right, but it won’t necessarily be your Mr. Right.

One of my friends recently had a strange experience with a man she’s in love with. She has tried to apply the rules: never call him, becoming a creature, deceptive.. And she ended up with him, mad at her for manipulating her. He told her he was madly in love with her, but he couldn’t stand her manipulative ways. My friend is now devastated. She didn’t want it that way.

If the man of your dreams should be strong, dominant, clever, rich, full of testosterone… using the rules can help you winning the game. But beware, it can also bring you a douche who only wants what you represent, a woman hard to get. Hence, a trophy. Many of my friends hate this idea of becoming a trophy wife, and so do I.

When you define the man of your dreams as your best friend and your lover, like I do, playing games with him by playing by the rules will never do the trick. If you need to get along with someone before  deciding whether or not you  should go further with him. If you also look for a great chemistry before pushing things forward. Of course,  you can  follow some of the rules, like never call him first, never sleep on the first night (ahum), let him pay the bill,… but not all of them. It depends on what you want in a man.

I believe you should set your own rules depending on the man you want. I also believe you should respect yourself not to get fooled. But I don’t agree with the fact of playing with his feelings. Where’ s the love in all of this? 


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