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Recenlty, I talked with my coworkers about those men who have an affair outside their marriage, but never leave their wife. One of my coworkers has a theory on this topic. She said that men like that don’t leave because of the social status their wife bring in the couple. For instance, if he married  a very wealthy and powerful woman, chances are he will never leave her for his secretary or any woman who comes by, because they don’t stand the comparison at all with their official. In other words, he can’t leave his wife because of his fear of losing his status/ his comfortable life.

Among my professional contacts, there’s one man who’s considered as a player. He’s married to one of our politicians’ sister, and has earned thanks to her multiple connections in the political and financial world. Divorcing her would cost him a lot. All his political friends could vanish away, and he needs them a lot for his job. So, his networking would suffer a lot from a divorce. Knowing that, a sensible woman should never hope anything from him. Yet, we all know he had screwed a lot of his students and collaborators, plus female journalists, behind Madam’s back. And he won’t end the list here.

But this isn’t the only explanation why married men seldom leave for another woman. When there are kids in the equation, this adds a little guilt. But I believe guilt is the common factor behind all cheating men who are too coward to leave their wife when they’re unfaithful.

When you’re single, and fall for this kind of guys, you should be aware of what  you’re getting into. No, he will never leaves his wife. This is one of the fundamental rules of “he’s not that into you”. Besides, when he has a certain social status, ask yourself how he got there. If it’s because of his wife, you will know you will never get him to divorce. So, unless you only want a sexual intercourse with him, it’s best not to lose your time with such a player. Even if he insists.

This is the only rule I respect 😉


One thought on “Foolish

  1. FL says:

    The stupid men get into affairs and the extremely stupid men leave their wives. Extremely stupid men exists, and sadly, they live to tell happier versions of their stories.

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