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The right words

Sometimes, we can be trapped in a situation where we can’t find our words. I recently experimented this odd situation with one of my acquaintances. He was behaving very strangely with me, and instead of asking him what was the problem, I just waited for the meeting to end. He looked at me pissed and sorry, but nothing came out of his mouth either. This meeting left us with a really bad taste in our mouth. This can happen with people who aren’t on the same wavelength than we, or people we simply don’t understand.

But sometimes, it can happen that we don’t find our words, but the person who’s with us is able to read our mind, and say the words that we can’t say. One of my friends recently gushed about her new man, who’s able to anticipate every of her thoughts. “I didn’t expect that at all. When we met, I was a little bit intimidated and just remain mum in front of him. I was about to leave the party with my heart starting to crush, and as I walked out the door, he caught me and told me he didn’t want me to leave. He also told me I was beautiful, and kissed me. I was mentally plotting this scheme during the whole evening. Then, oddly, each time I wish for something, but hesitate to tell him, he just does or says  something that just shot me right through with a bolt of blue. It’s like he can read my mind like an open book” she said.

But sometimes, even with our significant other, we can make it hard to decipher our thoughts. Another friend of mine is angry at her husband right now, because she has to work late thanks to the crisis and when she comes home, she only gets remarks and complains about her schedule all the time. “And when I try to talk to him about my difficulties at work, he just says that I’m boring with my stories. But I need this to drop the pressure, and it gets me mad. He also tells me that I don’t have to stress that much” she said. “I would need him to comfort me when I come late from work, but instead, he’s pissed I’m late” she added. I advised her to tell him about how she feels. Maybe this could change a lot the dynamic in their couple.

Words don’t necessarily come easily. It really depends on our personality. Some people are quite outspoken, other introvert. Besides, telling the right words at the right person is something very difficult. This is all the challenge of human relationships, getting to understand each other. It’s also the biggest challenge for every couple.

So, do words come easily for you?


5 thoughts on “The right words

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    and it is not just the right words to the right person but it also has to be at the right time…

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