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As I was interviewing one of my contacts, one thing came into my mind: how great would I be in his arms. This is just pure fantasy, I feel nothing for him. But he’s tall and strong, plus a little bit übersexual, and his severe ways makes him a good candidate for discouraging any man who could think I’m available to him. With my friends, we talk a lot about this topic, and we all agree on the kind of protection a guy who’s bigger than us could bring to us. One of my friends says that it’s a question of sex.”Only a guy who’s twice my size can hold me against the wall and f*** me” she says. Another friend of mine thinks it’s more a question of safety. “I know that with a guy like that, nobody would ever disrespect me because he would be too frightening. And I feel he would have the ability to defend me in any dangerous situation” she says.

But do we all look for a strong man? It depends on how strong. I must admit it’s great to feel so small, so frail, so tiny in the arms of a big guy. But apart from that, I’m not sure I would be attracted. Besides, there’s strong and strong. If he’s a big guy who just runs away at the sight of a bee, or is just a cry baby and is very immature, it won’t necessarily do with some women. “I had an ex who was 6 feet high and very muscular. Once, we went hiking in the mountains, and we fell on a bear which was about to charge us. And instead of protecting me, he just shout and ran away, leaving me face to face with the animal. Luckily for me, a forester was just walking by and chased the bear. I decided to dump that sissy guy just after”O., 35, said. “My ex was a big guy, but that didn’t discourage men in general to take a hit on me even if I was with him. He simply didn’t care about me, and was too preoccupied about his little person than playing his role of protector” H., 30 ,said.

A man can be strong physically but not mentally. And the reverse is also true. “My husband isn’t that tall nor that strong, but he has a natural authority and can bring down any pretender or rude man”L., 32, said.

I guess it’s just a question of character. Besides, not every woman wants a man who can defend themselves.

So, do you like to feel protected?


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