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Frozen in motion

Among the people we will meet throughout our life, there are some who will stay with us on the short run, and some on the long run. True friends and family stay on the long run, acquaintances and lovers stay on the short run.  But what if we decide to change that course of life? Recently, I talked with one of my coworkers, who told me she married her husband while they both knew  from the beginning he won’t be at her side much of the time. His job sends him everywhere and he’s never there. She complains about this all of the time. It’s been five years they are married, and frankly, I’m not sure this union will last if things remain like that. She knew he won’t be available for her, she also knew he was just passing by in her life, but yet, she decided to make everything possible to change destiny. And I wonder if it’s worth it.

When I was 18, I was in love with one of my friends, but we were both at the crossroad of our life, and we weren’t sure if we would stay in the same city where we have grown together. Our path was unclear. And, call it feminin intuition, I knew we would lose each other and take our distance. I feared that moment, and because I was afraid to lose him, I just hold onto him and didn’t want him to leave me. Our relationship was a true catastrophe. I was very hurt at the end of the relationship. And I was mad at myself to think I could have changed the course of our life. We were meant to be separated, I didn’t understand that.

Destiny is a powerful force our desire can never overcome. But yet, we cannot let our life decide instead of us. This is how we can miss our life.

So, do you think we can change the course of our life?


3 thoughts on “Frozen in motion

  1. The Last Spartan says:

    I think that we certainly can change direction in life but I think that at some points in time it is harder to do than others.

    I had a friend during my university years that I really loved. She and I would spend a lot of time together and we laughed and laughed. I reconnected with her recently through facebook and it’s still clear that we are like yin and yang. When I tried to date her all those years ago, however, she told me that she “would rather keep me as a friend forever than have a doomed relationship that was simply a flash in the pan”. I didn’t like it at the time and I thought it was simply her letting me down easily. She was right though.

    I think that many people rush into marriage easily. For some people, marriage is such that they can do it and undo it easily. For some others though, marriage is a serious affair and not entered into lightly. I think that people who enter into marriage knowing that their spouse has an overt flaw that would limit the relationship might have trouble letting go or are afraid of being alone so they’ll latch on to someone. For some of us, it’s difficult to get out of relationships no matter how bad they may be for us or how much we might be unhappy.

    I don’t think enough people are romantics and secure enough in themselves to “hold out” for the right thing…so they might settle for the “right now”. I could be wrong. This is one man’s opinion.

  2. Oh, LS, waiting in vain for a relationship that will never materialize is what we call being a hopeless romantic. But I guess it depends also on our capacity to delay things.

  3. The Last Spartan says:

    Then again…the opposite of a “hopeless romantic” is a “glutton for punishment”, no? A happy medium would be best I think.

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