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Ordinary days

Recently, I had a talk with some of my friends about one acquaintance who’s trapped into a very peculiar relationship. Some of my friends met her and her man when they were just at the beginning of their love affair, and they told me they already noticed something wrong between them. They were always fighting, and she always ended the evening crying. It’s been seven years now they’ve been together, and so far, the fights haven’t calmed down. One of my friends recalls that once, she went out with them and a group of common acquaintances. She took her then boyfriend with them, and as it was the beginning of their relationship, they shown a lot of PDA. Our acquaintance looked at them with tears in her eyes. “It’s like she never knew this with her man” said my friend. She recently welcomed her second child, but apparently, she had to beg her man to make her pregnant again. Which means he withholds sex. One of my friends who’s also her coworker told me she had caught her many times with tears in her eyes, and has heard her crying in the bathroom.

They met on the Internet. Some of my friends wondered how it is possible to get a match so wrong on a dating site, despite having to fill a lot of criteria. “It’s like they don’t have any common point” she said.  Well, the truth is you can meet everything on the web, like you can meet anything on real life too. It’s easy to lie on your real personality on those dating sites. Some of us will embellish the truth about themselves just to make them more desirable. When you’re not that beautiful, you will try to put your best profile. It’s hard to get rejected. Then, when you hook someone on the web, it’s marvelous. And I can imagine at that moment you don’t give a damn if he/she’s the right person for you. Because when you had many, many connexions with people who just stop and then go, you become less vigilant. I believe this is how they got together.

Personally, I believe their relationship is ill-fated. He obviously doesn’t treat her like she deserves, and she doesn’t love herself enough to confront her man. I just hope he’s not violent with her.

So, what would you do if your partner doesn’t respect you?


4 thoughts on “Ordinary days

  1. I would tell him about my feelings and ask for his point of view. From there, will see how things can be improved or just cut off the relationship since the respect isn’t there and if he doesn’t feel obliged to even respect another human being; be it a lady or gentleman.

    Sometimes, one is afraid of leaving someone and worry about a lot of things, in this case, I read books on communication and behaviours. I have begun to understand more about why I act the way I act.

  2. Women often be too sensitive. Maybe that’s nothing wrong and the woman is just exaggerating. However, try to start a conversation about how you feel. If he loves you, he should care for that.

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