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If it’s too good to be true…

When I was in College, I knew a girl who got seduced by one of the touts of a sect. The guy was charming, and he easily seduced her by telling her everything she wanted to hear. Luckily for her, she realized she was forced into a sect when he brought her to his cult, and she ran away. I guess she loved herself enough not to buy everything the guy told her. Sects usually pick their victims among those who doubt about themselves because they lost someone close to their heart or underwent a failure in their scholar/professionnal path. The modus operandi is really simple: they just listen to what you have to say, care about you and your ideas, compliment you all of the time, then put doubts in you, and introduce you to their world. Whether you’re intelligent or not is not the point here. When you know how to manipulate people, you can manipulate anyone, including the most intelligent person on this planet.

Recently, one of my friends came to me because she feared she had been targeted by a sect. She met a while ago a very charming man who kept on complimenting her about her intelligence. But she didn’t buy it at all. “I know I’m not stupid, but I’m not brilliant either. He has complimented me for work where I completely sucked. Or for work I got critics on. At first, I thought it was very kind of him. But then, I realized he was a bit manipulative. The problem was that I didn’t have enough self-esteem to let him go, and instead of pushing him away, I kept on running back to him because I needed him to comfort me.  There’s just something wrong. I don’t feel the guy at all. I can’t tell if he’s genuine or not.  I did try to escape him, but each time, he came back to me. But we have nothing in common. I can’t believe a guy like him wants to be friend with someone like me. We don’t live in the same world. And he doesn’t seem like a guy who’s very liberal”  she said. I told her to seek the help of a therapist.

We, women, have a very particular gift that is called intuition. I use a lot my perception to guide myself, and so far, my intuition didn’t mislead me at all. So, when you feel there’s something wrong, maybe you should listen to your fear, and move away.

So, do you listen to your intuition?


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