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Gold digger

Smart girls marry moneyAccording to Daniela Drake and Elizabeth Ford, women should find their fortune while they’re young and marry a man with money. Should they? Yes and no. It’s true that we have a better chance to score when we’re young. The same doesn’t apply for men, unfortunately. Look at Geooooorge Clooney (Sigh).

At 48, he still attracts thousands of young and not so young women around the world, and has no problem renewing hs turnover of lovers.

On the other hand, actresses like Sharon Stone have more a mixed success.

Many of my male friends think she’s intimidating or just too old for them. And her love life seems less full than George Clooney.

That’s for the seduction part.

Then, for the money part, it’s true that choosing a partner with money will allow you to avoid some problems, like a demanding man for example, but also tensions in the couple if you’re more successful than him. If he has money, chances are he would be in a higher social position than you, at least, if you’re young and nowhere in your career. If you marry him, then divorce, he will have to pay you a spousal support. And in this case, the richer he is, the better it is for you.

But that doesn’t make a happy marriage, unfortunately. Fortune just allows you to secure a little bit your life. A little bit. Remember that we can get fooled by randomness. We cannot control totally our destiny. Look at what happened to most of us during this financial crisis.

I had plenty examples of those kind of marriages around me. When I was a banker, some of my female clients were had a very rich husband who allowed them to spend a lot on clothes, jewelry and travels. But yet, they were all unsatisfied because either he was always working and they hardly see him, or he wasn’t loving them the way they wanted. Besides, I learned that when there is a divorce, tons of parameters get into the equation, and it’s not because he’s rich that you will end up with a spousal support.  Some of my clients were left with nothing after their divorce, despite marrying a rich man.

On the other hand, I know a lot of couples where Madam earns more that Mister. Some of them are perfectly fine with this. Other aren’t.

We can run after fortune, and never find love on the road. We can run after love, and never find fortune. I don’t know what’s the best option.

So, do you look for a partner who’s richer than you?


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