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Welcome to heartbreak

Recently, I had to interview a well known personality in my country, and the topic was supposed to cover his hobbies. Instead of telling me he liked to cook with his wife duringthe weekend, running errands in his garden, playing with his kids, riding a bicycle,… and other stuffs normal people do during their free time, he said that he spends most of his time writing, and when he’s not, he’s just thinking about what he would write next. I cannot blame him. I do this all the time too. And I find it hard to turn off the switch of my brain when night comes (I’m a bit insomniac). But this isn’t eat  me. I try my best to get out as much as possible, and occupy my brain with light things like what my friends are going through or my family/ man’ s antics. I would be unhappy if not.

The guy is married. I thought to myself that a) he lied to me, and isn’t like that at all. He just wanted to give that image of him b) he is indeed like that. And if it’s the case, I just pity a lot his wife. Unless she shares with him the same passion of writing. I hope so.

When you are passionate about something, only someone who’s passionate about it too can understand you. If  not, I don’t think the relationship can be really sustainable. I read recently an article about Helene Mercier, who’s the second wife of Bernard Arnault, the billionaire and CEO of LVMH. She’s a famous pianist, and her husband is passionate about the piano. They play sometimes together. But they’re not in competition with each other. He has his job at LVMH. She plays the piano. I guess that’s a good balance.

 I also met a fund manager specialized in wine investments. And his wife was a wine producer. Tons of my coworkers are married with another journalist. But not from the same media, or the same publication. Only someone who share the same passion can understand and accept your long hours spent devoted to your passion.

It’s best if you share the same passion. Generally, we say that birds of a feather flock together. But if there’s competition between you, it can ruin your relationship. It’s quite common in the world of actors. When one member of the couple get more successful than the other, it can lead to tension and a breakup. But not only.

So, are you passionate about something?


2 thoughts on “Welcome to heartbreak

  1. The Last Spartan says:

    My wife and I are not passionate about all of the same things but we have to be passionate about at least one thing; We’re also both big fans of our children. I like your analysis of the married man though. Do you really have any way of knowing if he was lying to you? I guess not.

  2. LS, I would have to ask his wife for her version. Only her can confirm his version. We cannot be both passionate about all of the same things.

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