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Attached at the hip

Do we have to do everything in common when we’re a couple? Not necessarily. There are tons of situations where you will end up separated from your significant other. The first one is probably at work. Unless if you run a business together, chances are you won’t see him/her during the day because of this activity. Then, there are other occasions. Recently, one of my friends went on vacation without her man, because he couldn’t take some days off.  She won a competition where the price was a holiday in the Maldives for two. But her man couldn’t come with her. So she took her sister with her.

There are also situations where we  choose voluntarily to do things on our own. For example, one couple I know take each year a week off far from each other. They usually go in some remote places in the planet, just to ease the pressure. She goes in India, meditating in an ashram, while he goes visiting volcanoes,… They told me that they tried to bring each other into their trip, but gave up because ashrams bore Mister, and so do volcanoes for Madam. One of my colleagues let her man go skiing each year without her, because she doesn’t like it at all. “I tried to accompany him, but it wasn’t really my cup of tea. I had the impression to slow him down in every activity he wanted to do in the mountain. So I decided that he would be better off alone skiing” she said.

If you feel forced to do something with your significant other just to please him, chances are a) you won’t enjoy it b) you can be resentful  toward him. But we can’t do everything apart from each other. Otherwise, what’s the point of staying together? Besides, where’s the limit of doing things separately? Most of my friends say that it doesn’t matter, as long as you can manage to spend quality time together from time to time. It can be anything, as long as you enjoy spending your time with the other.

So, do you feel the need to isolate yourself from your significant other from time to time, or do you need to do everything together?


One thought on “Attached at the hip

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