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Silly signs

In the movie Chungking Express, the opening scene starts with a voice saying: “We cross every day. We don’t know each other. We will be probably friends someday“. Then, the movie follows with He Qi-Wu, a police officer, who just got dumped on the 1rst of April by his girlfriend. He gives himself one month for her to come back, and buys  each day a tin of pineapple expiring on the 1rst of May, as a reminder. He met in between a woman, and counts the days left before he could fall in love with her.

I like this opening scene. It means for me that destiny has curious ways for showing itself. And that sometimes, destiny sends us signs we’re able to decipher or not. These signs are generally pure coincidences. When those coincidences happen a lot in a short period of time, then, it may be worth taking these into account. But how? One of my friends knew her husband was the one when they were talking about silly topics. She told me that at one moment, she thought about an elephant during the conversation. “We were playing a little game consisting in telling what was going on in our mind, and at one moment, we decided to tell simultaneously to each other the image in our mind. The word elephant came out simultaneously of our mouths. We couldn’t believe it”  she said. They began dating shortly after, and got married three years ago.

This is a good coincidence. But sometimes, those coincidences happen when the course of our life makes it impossible to push things forward. An example? Recently, I had to do probably the weirdest interview of my career, where I had to accompany the CEO I was interviewing to his place where he uses to chill out. We sat down on a bench there to do the interview. When the photographer arrived to take his picture, he just laughed and told me we picked the lovers’ bench in the forest. This is how it is called. I looked at him with horror. This  is a stupid coincidence.  All of my friends laughed about this incident, and told me it was sweet. I don’t think so, it gives me the impression to be an escort girl or something like that.  Important details: he’s of course married. And I’m not available at all.

So, incident/ coincidence like this should never evolve into something else.

Do you believe in signs?


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