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We’re one

In the novel Wuthering Heights (probably one of my favourite books), Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff consider themselves as one. “I’m Heathcliff” says Cathy. I’ve always wondered if such a thing could be possible. I can’t imagine having someone who would think exactly like I think, who will be so close to me that I could understand and anticipate every of his feelings. Once, with my friends, we talked about this special connection between two people, and most of my friends agreed it’s not possible. Yet, one of my friends do believe it’s possible. Because her cousin and her husband are a bit the same. “They’re like attached at the hip all of the time. When they talk, they finish each other’s sentences. She knows all of his tastes, he knows all of hers. They have never made a mistake choosing a gift for each other. And if her husband suffers from an illness or something else, she will feel the pain too. It’s mutual. Oh, and seeing them together is often disgusting because they look so happy and cannot help to show plenty of PDAs” she said.

I met once in a seminar abroad a journalist who told me she was very very close to her husband. They met each other through their job. They are both journalist. “He was working for a rival publication, and wrote about the same topics than I. I didn’t read him, he didn’t read me though. Until one day, one of my coworkers put our two articles side by side, and told me they were really similar. They looked like if they were copied from each other. Several of our articles were built the same way. I couldn’t believe it. We met in a seminar and immediately became inseparable” she said.

I do believe we can share many common points with someone. But I don’t think this can really push us to read like an open book in our significant other’s mind.

What do you think about it?


6 thoughts on “We’re one

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    i think this is where the concept of a soulmate comes in. for those who believe in reincarnation, it could be said that by having spent previous lives together with someone that you know them intuitively…

  2. I am personally inclined to doubt the idea that one can have a spiritual soulmate due to previous lives together, etc, purely because there is no way to prove it.

    Nonetheless, I do think that some people can become so compatible, or at least well-known to one-another, that they are more-or-less soulmates. I find it really warming if I discover that kind of connection with somebody else, though I have yet to meet anyone who understands me to such an extent that they can empathise with my personality flaws. My slightly unfortunate experience of relationships so far is suggesting that I’m a little much to cope with.

    I would love to meet a soulmate though. Someone who just understands, and I always live in hope of this.

  3. Olly, I haven’t met people who are that compatible. But my friend is convinced of this too. Besides, soulmates have many definitions. I used to believe that this story of soulmates were BS, until two years ago, I met someone who changed a little bit my conviction on this. I wish you would meet your soulmate.

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