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Dress to kill

Once, I was talking with one of my coworkers who just got back from NY (and with a flu, but not the H1N1). He had the occasion to meet the journalists from prestigious publications like the Wall Street Journal and the FT. He didn’t like that much some of his encounters, though. He told me he was shocked to see female journalists dressed like executive women. I replied to him that hey, they work in Wall Street, so they probably have to dress properly. It’s part of the code. In my country, there’s no such thing. I do try to dress properly for my interview. But I would never wear stiletto (my feet would kill me) nor red lipstick. And I feel overdressed compared to my fellow journalists.

I also joked that maybe, those journalists were looking for a FBF, as the DABA girls say. In French, we say “On n’attrape pas les mouches avec du vinaigre“, in other words, you don’t try to catch your prey with small means.  If  indeed, their goal is to catch a banker, maybe it’s the right way to dress for seducing him. Maybe not. One of my friends is a banker, and married his highschool sweetheart. He says she’s genuine, not like all her coworkers who are way too tough and scary for him. So, he told me that he could have never been seduced by a woman dressed “like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct”. Another of my acquaintances is also a banker, and her wife is a teacher, not the “Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct” type either. I guess dressing like an executive woman would never do with him either. I also heard that Hank Paulson doesn’t fall into the category of the plain FBF type too.

But it’s true that you will never catch your “prey” if you dress like a ho.

Again, if you dress like Pamela Anderson, you can also miss your prey. But here, it depends on what kind of prey you want to catch.

Besides, if you try too much, you might end up ruining everything. How many times haven’t we tried to be sexy, and felt not comfortable at all with our clothes? There’s nothing more embarrassing than putting your thong back in its place, or tearing on your skirt all of the time because it’s too short.

Many of my friends told me that when they got on a first date, they just pick their favorite clothes. One of them has her favorite dress, another one has her favorite top, another one just picks clothes that will make her look good. There’s no need to put that much effort on your look.

So, how do you dress for a first date?


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