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Inglorious Bastards

I was reading recently an article about George Clooney’s love life, which underlined his complex of being stuck at the age of 12. At that time, poor little George looked like in the picture above, and I can imagine that he didn’t score that much with the opposite sex. Plus, his father was a famous journalist, and poor little George felt the challenge to keep up with him really hard, according to the article. Years later, Geeoooorge is now unable to settle down with a woman, and keeps on seducing young waitresses who will never overshadow him, unlike Brad Pitt. In other words, George is a perfect toxic bachelor.

Among one of my acquaintances, there’s a George too. I’ve known him since kindergarten. When we were kids, he was the chubby little one every other child made fun of. Years later, the ugly little  duckling  turned into a swan. And of course, he began to deal with a heavy turnover of girls all of the time. At 14, he was dating 5 girls at the same time. When we were 20, he slowed his rhythm and started to have relationships that lasted at least several months. But he has never settled down so far. Once, we were discussing during one of our friends’ wedding, and he admitted, with the help of alcohol, that he needed to seduce as many women as he could to be reassured. He also regretted to have broken so many hearts, and reckoned he wasn’t faithful.

One of my friends had the unpleasant experience of dating a George. And of course, she wasn’t warned at all at the beginning of the relationship of this little detail. Unfortunately, toxic bachelors never come with a warning signal. She got charmed by his clumsy ways. “He wasn’t the typical seducer. We met at a friend’s house. He was there with his mates. Very very handsome. He accidentally spilled his drink on me, and to make himself forgiven, he invited me for a drink the next day. There, we talk about him, a little bit about me. From time to time, he was selling himself short. And the next minute, he would say a joke that immediately made me laugh. I found it extremely touching. We dated shortly after. Everything was fine with him, until I discovered he had another woman in his life” she said. She told me that her ex  explained to her that he was a fat little kid and didn’t like himself much for that.

Apparently, Geoooorge has also this tactic with women. “I just say stupid things and they fall” he says. Geooooorge has also a type of women.  But here, it depends. My acquaintance doesn’t have a type. My friend’s ex neither. It doesn’t mean anything.

So, have you still a complex poisoning your relationships?


3 thoughts on “Inglorious Bastards

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  2. Movie Leak says:

    lol…george looks so funny. I just watched inglorious bastards online at … I love the bar shoot out seen

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