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A big ego

It’s too big, it’s too wide, it’s too strong.  It won’t fit.

Among my acquaintances, there’s a man with a really big ego. A very narcissistic one. Sometimes, I wonder if he’s entitled to be like that. He’s  a quite known intellectual plus a business man. Yet, no one knows him outside our country. Of course, he likes to talk about himself, and loves hearing himself talk. With him, I can only have subdued exchanges. Even if I try to lead my interviews, I do have a hard time managing him, and I hate it. He can be really mean. And shows no empathy at all. He’s also threatening me to write good articles about him, if I do want to keep him among my contacts. So, I try to minimize as much as I can any articles I could write about him. I hate lying to my readers.  Yet, from time to time, he tries to be nice with me. It’s very very destabilizing.

Luckily for me, my encounters with him are very limited. On purpose. But I can’t help wondering: is he acting the same with his wife? If it’s the case, I don’t know how she can handle him. I may have the answer: once, I heard him talking on the phone with her, while I was waiting for our interview, and I heard her shouting on the phone that he was always repeating the same thing. Well, maybe he found someone who can dominate him. But I wonder if this kind of individuals really finds someone who can dominate them. I just hope that at least, he respects his wife and doesn’t treat her like a tool, like he would consider everyone around him.

I”ve asked my friends about what they think, and some of them think that no, he can’t make an exception. “With this type of personality, forget about it. Usually, they were spoiled kids who learned very quickly how to manipulate people around them. They are simply not programmed for love” one of my friends said. “Well, you never know. Maybe he has created a charachter, and God knows if he’s really like that in private. We tend to be different at work than in private” anpther one said. “If he’s mean with you, he will be mean with other people too” another one said.

According to Freud, we all have a narcissistic personality. But it’s healthy. It becomes a problem when we perpetually seek admiration for what we do and when we lack empathy. When we fall in love with a narcissistic person, it could lead us into trouble. How do we recognize him/her? Read this.

So, do you like a big ego?


2 thoughts on “A big ego

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    i actually prefer people with really big superegos…

    but even in that case, everything needs to be balanced.

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