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All these things that I’ve done

Have we become so much addicted to Facebook and our smartphones that it’s impossible to go backward? Recently, most of my friends forgot about my birthday because I didn’t put an alarm on FB. And they all apologize saying it was FB’s fault. Ahum. On the same week, my old mobile phone passed away, and crashed all the datas I had on it. Of course, I didn’t do any backup of those, so I lost all my contacts, agenda, and special messages.

But sometimes, when technology lets us down, it can do us some good. For instance, I lost all my contacts and messages, but among those, there were people I wasn’t sure I could call a friend or just an acquaintance. Since I would probably never hear of them anymore, I guess my mobile phone helped me to sort my life a little bit. Lately, I’ve been hugely disappointed by one of my contacts, who I thought was a friend. But he wasn’t. There was a huge inner debate about getting rid of him or not. My mobile eventually gave me the answer.

When I told this to some friends of mine, they replied that those signs shouldn’t be ignored. One of them told me she blessed those moments which remind her that it’s time to sort her life a little bit. “I was in a terrible relationship with a guy who was afraid to commit. He was never sure he wanted to pursue the relationship, and I used to argue fuss and fight with him because of that. One day, my answer machine destroyed his message, and I had to throw away the damaged tape. For days, I tried to recover the message, but there was no way to do it. I came to the conclusion that our relationship was as damaged as the tape, and impossible to fix. I dumped him” she said. And now, she feels better.

Another friend of mine, who’s a journalist like me, told me that crashing her mobile was the best thing she could have had in her life. “I was constantly battling with one of my contacts but I couldn’t let him go. I was totally drawn by him. I thought he was a genius. And from time to time, he could be nice with me.  But I felt manipulated. When my mobile crashed, I did try to recover all my messages, especially his messages, but it was hopeless. During this time, I learned he was participating to seminars with a group of extremists,  and it just opened my eyes he was no good for me at all. That”s when I met F., another journalist, who made me realize I didn’t belong at all to his world, and that I should take my distance with him” she said. She and F. started dating shortly after. Finger-crossed, they are still together.

It’s like erasing some shady  parts of our life helps us to focus back on ourselves.

So, do you curse on modern technology?


2 thoughts on “All these things that I’ve done

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    i love the picture you picked. i use a blackberry and my good friend has an iphone. for some reason, i have never liked the ipod or the iphone… but i love apple macintosh computers and have always used one since my first macintosh se back when i was in high school during the 1980’s.

    i think the reason i like the blackberry more is because i feel like it gives me a better sense of control of how i use it and of how i want to use it. when i see my friend’s iphone, it has so many ridiculous programs on it that i think of it more as a distraction.

    if i ever needed to use those kinds of applications, i would rather just use a computer. but if ever apple developed a tablet computer, i would definitely get one because i hate microsoft based pc’s.

    but to answer your question: no, i don’t curse modern technology for if i did i probably would not be here reading your blog!

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