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Time goes by

In this world where youth and beauty dominate everything, some people don’t accept getting old, and try their best to postpone the effects of time. Recently, I had a conference call with some of my professional contacts, and at the end of it, one of them started to tell me he had a hard time reading the new edition of our newspaper. He complained he was getting old, just nearby his colleague, who’s five years older than him.  I wonder what his colleague would have thought of this.

Since I know this guy, I have always heard him complaining about his age (48) and his health. When we have our business lunch together, he doesn’t necessarily take the lightest meal on the menu, but have always comments about the one he picked referring to the unhealthy aspect of it. I’ve asked him if he does sport, but he told me he doesn’t, except taking a long walk every day after work. There is also one detail about him that betrays him: his hair. Very dark, no white ones. In other words, tainted. A midlife crisis?

Personally, I find nothing sexy in a man who taints his hair, no matter how old he is. Look at George Clooney. Do you think he would be hotter if he tainted his hair? I don’t think so. In fact, I would pity him. For women, unfortunately, it’s another story, but passed a certain age, I think it’s useless for us to color our hair.

Is it really difficult to age? When I ask my friends about this, they all said that it depends. “Wrinkles are such a pain in the ass, but except from that, I’m happy to get older, I feel more mature, my past experiences have taught me not to make the same mistakes again. There’s a good side” one of them said. “Oh, when I was younger, I didn’t know how to dress properly, and wasn’t sure at all with all my choices. But this has stopped as I grow older”another one said. “Well, you have a better chance to die when you get older. But you never know what life has prepared for you”.

So, are you afraid to get old?


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