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We didn’t start the fire

Recently, as I was leaving my newsroom, one of my coworkers asked me if I was going to see B. I looked at him and asked him what the hell he was talking about, and he just switched to another subject. This is how I realized that my coworkers have been speculating a lot on my love life, and I wonder how they came to the conclusion I was with B., since he and I, we barely speak to each other, and have only professional contacts. I’m also not the only journalist who’s in touch with him. And personally, I think  he’s way too old for me. Plus, he’s married.

One of my friends told me she had the same kind of experience, but she thinks that there’s no fire starting without a spark. She says I must have given a clue somehow about a potential relationship with him. It’s true that I had interviewed him in the most weirdest condition, but apart from that, there’s no particular sign. She says that’s enough for people to start speculating. But she also told me that in her case, it wasn’t her colleagues, but her own entourage who started smelling something between her man and her long before they actually got together. “It’s like they knew we would end up together since the day we met, but we were the last to know about it” she said. She met her man at a party, and they spent the evening talking with each other. But she said it ended there, she didn’t want to see him afterwards. She also thought he wasn’t interested. But she was wrong. They evolved in the same circle of friends, except they didn’t know each other before the party. “He was always leaving when I was arriving and so was I when he was coming to see us” she explained.  But she did notice him. After the party, they started to exchange a few words from time to time, but they realized everyone around them was watching them, as an accident about to happen. It took them two years to get together, and at first, they did their best to keep their relationship secret. She said she was  afraid of the overwhelming reactions of their friends. They took everyone by surprise when they announced they would get married. They didn’t make their relationship public before.

In her case, their friends knew about their personality, and that they would make a great match. She said that the gossips helped her realizing that maybe, he could be the one. Without those, maybe she would have never dared anything with her husband.

I don’t think her experience works for everyone. I really think my coworkers are just fantasizing.

So, do you believe gossips?


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