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Strange things happen

Recently, one of my friends announced to us she was moving in with her lover. A female one. She had always been a heterosexual, but she fell in love madly with her.”It just happened” she says. She met her a long time ago, and she admitted she was intrigued from the start about her and her odd ways. “We don’t come from the same world. She’s an artist, has no notion of time, money, responsibilities. When we met for the first time, I immediately hated her. She would get on my nerves all of the time. Yet, I don’t know why, I couldn’t get enough of her. I was about to get married, but I stopped the process three days before the D-Day because I started having an affair with her” she said. They had too much of a drink one night, and spent the night together. Yet, afterwards, my friend became torn between her feelings for her and her strict education. “I was telling to myself I couldn’t ruin my life by falling in love with her. I always thought I would get married, and have children, with a man, as my mom would have wished. And every time we were together, those thoughts came back and forth. She was also torn between her love for me, and her catholic education. We called it quits several times, but couldn’t stay separated from each other for a long time. In the end, we decided to take our relationship public. I knew we could make all the way it to the light”  she said.

I find her story very touching. At least, she had the courage to be honest about her feelings. Not everyone can do that. But I’m convinced that when you’re in love, you can move mountains to reach your goal. And those hurdles that are your education, your belief, your friends, your family,… suddenly disappear to let the room free for love. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s powerful.

My friend admits that she’s still flabbergasted by what she has done. Sometimes, when she thinks about how she fell in love with her, it just makes her cry, but her tears are tears of joy. But she told me that she wouldn’t change a thing at all. She’s happy, and still doesn’t believe it.

So, does love make you euphoric?


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