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Hand in hand

… We’ll do and die.

Very recently, I had to interview a financial adviser  who offered to come to my office to explain his business. He was accompanied by his female collaborator. Both were former bankers, who decided one day to quit their job and start a new business. I quickly understood he was the one behind this decision, and she followed him. By the way she looked at him, I could immediately tell she was more than just his business partner. Their business didn’t get the regulator agreement to start in our country. They had to wait three years to get started. And could launch their business thanks to the european passport that allows a business based in the EU to import it in another country. But I could see they had to endure a lot of obstacles and were a bit tired of this. Yet, they had the strength to carry on. Because they were a team. Interviewing them was quite odd. He was quite vindictive and pushy, while she would be the one who tempered his quotes. But I was happy to talk to them, because they came with the proofs I always needed to tell the truth about one of the most sold investment products in our country. This product is just a pure robbery from the banks for investors. And they gave me reason. I felt less alone in this.

Three days later, I saw them again in a seminar. But I was sitting behind them, and they didn’t see me until the end of the seminar. During it, I could see them whispering all the time into each other’s ears. They looked very bonded. When I bumped into them after the presentation, I noticed that she couldn’t stop looking at me, with a bit of worry in her eyes. Jealousy? Probably. If I could, I would have told her she wouldn’t have to worry about me. Besides, I know when a man is trying to flirt with me, and he wasn’t at all. The truth is the guy is really, really handsome, and it was hard for me to concentrate on what he was saying. Hence, her qualm. But I know that look. I have the same one when a woman speaks to the light of my life.

But I find it really touching how she supports her man in his business. He’s clearly passionated about what he’s doing, and she probably chose to follow him so she could have a better understanding of him. If it’s not a proof of love, I don’t know what it is. I just hope for her she’s not giving up her personality for him. But apparently, it’s not the case.

In every relationship, there ‘s a part of give and take. The key is not to get fooled in this. But it’s great when a common project can raise from a relationship. It’s like a cement for your couple. Some people consider buying a house, having children, … like a common project. Others choose a more original approach.

So, is it important to have a common project with your significant other?


2 thoughts on “Hand in hand

  1. Yes, it’s good to have at least one thing in common since we are going to live with each other the rest of our lives. A common project will help to bond since we will know what the partner is facing.

    However, not all are able to support each other when the differences can’t be settled. I would be reading In Business and In Love by Chuck and Aprill Jones. It’s a good start to help couples working together for a common cause.

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