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I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight

When it comes to sex, there are always do’s and don’t s. Our clumsiness can ruin completely the momentum in which we’re into. But let’s face it, nobody’ s perfect, and we all make mistakes, even in the bedroom. The first sexual encounters are the more risky because this is how you can completely ruin the future relationship/affair you’re about to experience. How come? Well, it depends a lot on our partner.

Some will hate when you dress like a slut/domina/too provocative on the first night. One of my friends had made the mistake to try a strip tease to her new lover and got completely wrong about it. The guy was simply scared, and didn’t want to see her again afterward.

We can’t also force our partner to do something he/she doesn’t want to do. Especially on the first nights spent together. “He invited his mate to join us in bed by texting him while we were having the preliminary. I didn’t ask for it, and I felt offended he didn’t ask for my permission before. I also would have liked to pick the guy before. So, I immediately ran away” O., 32, said.  One of my friends, who’s a psychologist, is worried about the evolution of sex among teenagers. She says girls would accept everything in bed because they have read somewhere that they need to give it all to their partners, while the boys are educated with hard core porn. She says it’s important to say no and to know our limits.

The places we choose to have sex can also ruin the momentum. For example, how romantic it is to make love on the beach? But then, there’s the sand, the water, and eventually, other people just passing by. One of my friends says she prefers to rely on the good old hand/blowjob in public places “because if you get caught, he will be the one who will look like an idiot, while you can easily stop what you’re doing. And it’s a good foreplay for the bedroom, or another private place” she said.

The words we use during the sexual intercourse can also have a downside effect. “He called me a slut during the act. I hated it” B., 30, said. “He couldn’t stop talking during the act. It completely turned me off” P., 34, said. “He didn’t say anything, but he had a strange way to come. That freaked me out” I., 35, said. “He said weird words like someone is watching us,… ” Y., 35, said. In the case of Y, I asked her if she had noticed before the guy was crazy, but she said she didn’t notice.

Then, there’s simply the bad lover. Period.

How to avoid catastrophe like this? Well, you never know in advance, but the best is to stay natural, and get carried away with the act.  Don’t try too hard.

And if you’re really into weird stuffs, well, there’s craigslist.

So, have you ever had bad sex experiences?


One thought on “I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight

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