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Ayo technology

image[1] One of my acquaintances had the unpleasant experience to see his wife going away with a guy she met on a dating site. Yep. He was spending his evening playing online games with his mates, while his wife was busy chatting on the other computer of their house. He didn’t seem worried at all when she announced she had found a humorist on M…, a famous dating site. Three months later, she moved out to live with her humorist (a very famous one in my country, BTW), to the  stupefaction of her husband.

Modern technology makes it much more easier to find a lover, but if we don’t watch out, it can serve as a good spy for your legitimate partner. In the case of my acquaintance, he could have easily watch his wife if he wanted to. But he  didn’t. T., 43, did try to spy on his wife. He registered on the same dating site than her, and managed to catch her. “I used a pseudo, and quickly identified her on that site. It took me no difficulty to get a date with her. During all of the time I waited for her at the restaurant, I wished she wouldn’t pass the door. But she arrived” he said. They’re now divorcing.

U., 39, was betrayed by his blackberry. “My ex-wife intercepted one of my messages while I was in the shower. The SMS was very explicit” he said. It will cost him a lot of spousal support

Facebook can also betray you. “My ex was one of my friends on FB, but so were my mates. I cheated on her in a party while I was drunk and it quickly got hot between the girl and I. But I didn’t remember anything. Luckily for me, my friends took a lot of pictures of this moment, and has the courtesy to put those on FB and of course, tagged me. So, my ex could see everything”I., 35, said.”The girl I slept with just wrote something on my wall. It was very explicit. Everyone could see it, including my wife”B., 37, said.

Damn technology! But hey, it’s so great receiving hot SMS, coming from your lover. But those little secrets should remain between lovers.

So, do you carefully select what you put on FB, leave on your smartphone, …?


2 thoughts on “Ayo technology

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    facebook has gotten me into trouble because of things i have posted… things that my friends did not want me to post. the pics i posted were funny and in the context of my relationship with my friends, they were appropriate. but we tend to forget about the other connections our friends have on facebook who can see those same pictures.

    it would be nice for facebook to have a feature where if you tag someone, that person has to approve the tag before they can actually be tagged. you can of course untag yourself but usually that is too late as others have already seen it.

    i actually practice quite a bit of self-censorship because of the diverse range of friendships that i have on facebook. if i post something that some of my friends might think is funny, then other would find it offensive.

    and so now if i post something about a friend that i think might cause a problem, i always ask if they would mind me posting it. and i hope they would return the same courtesy to me!

  2. Ellis, maybe you should suggest that to FB. I warned my friends not to put any picture of me on FB that would be detrimental to me. I have some coworkers among my FB friends, and I don’t want them to share my night out nor a picture of me in a bikini.

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