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Show me what I’m looking for

Love happens in the most peculiar situation. But the common ground for every love story lays on our emotionnal ebbs at that time.

Recently, one of my friends announced to us she was getting married. She met her husband three years ago while she got fired, and for his part, he was involved in a lawsuit with a woman he almost killed with his car. Both of them were at very low emotionnal ebbs at that time, and ran into each other in a cafe. She told me she looked like shit when she met him, but he wasn’t that glorious either. “I just looked at him, standing miserably in front of me. And I don’t know why, but his eyes had something captivating and his voice was very soothing. The way he looked at me was so comforting. He explained he was sorry for his poor company and told me his story. I told him mine, and at the end of the conversation, we knew we couldn’t get separated. Meeting him was the best thing I could have in my life. He enlightened my life. And so did I”she explained. The next day, he called her and asked her if he could come at her place. When he arrived, he asked her to come down from her apartment, and told her he wanted to sweep her away. He had booked two tickets and a hotel in Prague. She followed him. (sigh).

Another friend of mine met her man while she was struggling with her motivation at work. For his part, he just arrived in his company, where he didn’t feel very welcomed. They met at a seminar, where both of them were speakers. She told me they both sucked miserably at their presentation. At the end of the speech, they looked at each other and laughed. They went out for a drink and told each other their unfortunate experiences at work. And couldn’t stop talking and laughing. He offered her to come to Paris with him for a week-end. And they fell in love madly.

This doesn’t work all of the time, though. We all look for love, but for some reasons (marital, sometimes…) the one we fall in love with is unable to love us back. And this is how we can have our heart broken. I know how difficult it is not to get fooled by your feelings. When we’re in love, we tend to look for every mark of attention from our significant other. And we count, we count, we count until those never materialize. Or materialize, but our significant other is too coward to stand his feelings. This is how we can start a one-sided relationship.

And this is how there can be an ocean separating you from the one you love, and you still miss him like if there was nothing else on this planet but him…

If you want to share your bad or great experience with love, leave it here in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Show me what I’m looking for

  1. Dianis says:

    well, you already know my story. The only that I can say is that I tend to idealize men and for that reason I always got crash against a big wall, built by myself… it’s really dissapointed and pretty hard heal a broken heart; but I think that kind of situations help you grow, but I dont know, I have a doutb… this happening to me always… do I need professional help?? :S

  2. Dianis, if you keep on repeating the same mistake in your relationships, maybe professional help would suit you. But you have to be open to this idea, and accept not to lie about yourself during the therapy. Learning how you work will help you to find peace of mind.

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