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The last seduction

When I was in Honolulu, my cousin invited us to a hula performance on a boat. At the end of the show, waiters and waitresses invited us to dance with them. Among the passengers, there was this girl who obviously had a crush on one of the waiters. And she took the opportunity of the dancefloor to seduce him. She was dressed in a glittered mini-dress, and didn’t hesitate to move her hips. He was dancing not far behind her, and whispered something in her ears at one point.. I didn’t see him asking her phone number, though. And when we left the boat, he was standing far away from her. 

Very oddly, another waiter was constantly running around my cousin and I during the whole evening. He tried to make me laugh, but I turned him down really quickly. Speaking French and not pretending to know any English can be helpful, sometimes. It made my cousin laughed. At the  end of the evening, he just shrugged his shoulder when we said goodbye. I know, I ‘m cruel. But that’s the way it is.

I guess there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to seduction, and that you could never try too hard.

Among the don’ts, there is mothering. Of course, some men will appreciate this. But it doesn’t work all of the time. Before arriving in Hawaii, I stopped in San Francisco. When I waited for my aunt to pick me at the airport, there was a guy standing next to me, dressed as a Cure wannabe. He waited for his ride too. His came just when my aunt arrived. And it was his girlfriend. At least, I guessed so. She looked absolutely thrilled to see him again. He didn’t seem as happy to see her, though. When he jumped into his car, there was a pizza waiting for him. He immediately started to tuck into it, while she was speaking to him. My aunt looked at them, appalled. She added that this was a curious path to win his heart.

There is also mating. I remember once when I was in London this woman who obviously had a crush on the barman, but she treated him as a mate, not as if she wanted to seduce him. She kept on talking to him, but unfortunately for her, the barman wasn’t interested at all, because he kept on looking at another woman in the opposite side of the bar.

Personal hygiene, behaviours can also betray you.

How do we know we scored or not? Well, if he doesn’t call you, there’s a good chance he’s not interested. And if he calls you to ask if you have a single friend, a car, a washing machine,… this isn’t good either.

So, what’s your tactic to seduce someone?


3 thoughts on “The last seduction

  1. hi there,

    i found this post interesting as i research for my own blog which is a whole year of celibacy, undertaken by myself.

    my thought is- perhaps the strongest form of seduction is that of celibacy, the unobtainable, and the odd knowledge that no matter what you do, you won’t physically score with a person although you might win their heart emotionally? this is just something i was thinking abou t.

    celibaby http://annocelebus.blogspot.com

  2. Ellis I. Lee says:

    i once came across a statistic that 1 out of 4 women will sleep with a man out of pity. it seems like a good tactic for many men to use 😛

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