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Smooth operator

In my office, two of my coworkers fell in love with the two biggest players.  One got divorced after five years of tempestous up and downs. The other is still living with him, and has managed to tame him a little bit. They have moved together, and have three children together. Yet, with us (he’s my boss), he’s still playing it vain. You can’t talk with him without having him telling you his extraordinary experiences, and we all wonder if this is true. I call him Mr. Inflation,  because everything he does/thinks is inflated. A bit like his ego. With him, a minor incident can become a huge one just like that. He can put drama in everything. It’s tiring….

When they first dated, it was a bit weird. They tried to hide their relationship from everyone in the office. I can understand that, though. Gossips start just like that in my office. If two people spend a lot of time together, then they’re probably having an affair… In the case of my coworkers, they hid their relationship for four years, until they admitted they were living together (but everyone already knew about it…). One of my friends knows him very well, and she said she had seen him flirting around several times in the beginning of their relationship. She really doubts he was faithful. But my coworker didn’t seem to bother. Perhaps he told her he was just friendly with women… God knows.  But I suspect him to have told her BS all of the time. After all, when you’re a professional liar, why would you tell the truth? Things changed when his father died. All of a sudden, she became pregnant, and he cut heavily the hard partying.

The other couple didn’t end up that well. The guy was also one of the directors of our company, and had a big ego. He was also a professional liar. He wasn’t faithful at all to her, and when she got pregnant, he accused her of cheating on him, which wasn’t the case. He had a problem with alcohol, and was really mean when he was drunk. She finally left him while she was pregnant of their second child.

Most of us wondered why she fell in love with him. He’s the douchiest of the douches on this planet, and was really a tyrannic boss. He harassed many of my former coworkers who decided to quit their job because they had enough of him.  But he had also a way to talk to women. I guess this is how he caught her.

Some people get easily fooled when people always tell them what they want to hear. With experience, you learn that when it’s too good to be true, then it isn’t true. But it is hurtful to get fooled like that. When you want to be in a relationship, and find someone who promises you thick and thin, it’s hard not to believe those promises. With a real player, you know that he won’t keep his promises. It should be a good sign for you to leave as soon as you can. If he keeps his promises, on the other hand, then, maybe he just wants to blow your mind. But this is sweet.  Then, you can also find a man who doesn’t keep his promises, but yet, shows you proofs of love in a very unconventional way. One of my friends is dating such a guy, and she had to admit it was really hard at the beginning to trust him. “He would promise me to go to the South of France, to meet a key person for my job, to give me a book he really liked,… But he never kept his promises. Yet, he’s always there where I need him, without even asking him to do that. I just told him not to make promises he couldn’t keep. I know he tries hard not to do so right now. I find this really touching. I had to talk about him a lot about this aspect. And I guess if you don’t bother to tell what’s annoying in your partner to you, then you shouldn’t expect him to change just like that. It’s a question of communication”she said.

Maybe this is how my coworker managed to tame her player too. Relationships are not that obvious.

So, what do you do to prove to the one you love you really love him/her?


2 thoughts on “Smooth operator

  1. Hello, Modobs! It’s liz of The Backstage Grumbler. I’m happy to see that you are still at it, writing about the follies of love and relationships gone bad. I, on the other hand, have ceased being the grumbler and have started a new blog after a couple of years of blog-burn out.

    Both those men are douches. Your co-workers must have had the blinders to be fooled for years. I like the nickname “Mr. Inflation”. Hahaha! You still have a way with words!

    Cheers! 🙂
    By the way, I’m still called Liz but my new blog is called Man Hands Lizzie. Hope you drop by!

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