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In between days

Recently, as I was waiting in the queue for  paying my stuffs, there was a lady just before me who carried a pile of pajamas and other home interior clothes. Those weren’t exactly the same kind that Calista Flockhart wore in Ally McBeal, for those of you who recalled. Later, when I told this to one of my friends, I realized that this woman was trying to change something in her relationship. My friend explained that her husband complained a lot about the fact she would rush into her pajamas as soon as she came back home after work. So, she invested in some clothes she would only wear at home, a little bit more sexy. Hence, the sexy pajamas, as she calls it. Another friend of mine said she doesn’t completely change her clothes when she gets back home, but prefers to borrow her man’s knits to stay warm. And  to smell his odor permanently.

For some people, changing clothes when they get home is a way to make a break from their stressful life at work. It’s also the occasion to get back to their real me, and let down the mask we often use at the office. For some people, it’s also a practical question. When you spend all of the day in your tuxedo, you don’t necessarily want to hang around in your house in it. Especially during the week-ends and the holidays. But it’s not a reason to hang around in your dirty pajamas/ worn out jogging pants, especially in front of your man. The same goes for your man. For sure, if you want to kill your couple, it’s a great way to do so. Psychologists say it’s important to be in a permanent seduction  mode in your couple. This simply means you can’t let it go freely in front of the love of your life.

But that doesn’t mean you have to dress over the top all of the time either. “I find her incredibly sexy when she’s wearing a loose t-shirt, a cardigan, and a pair of jeans, with her hair tied up and no make up. She looks much more peaceful when she’s dressed like that than when she’s wearing a suit for her job” H., 35, said. “My ex used to wear a pair of jeans and a simple shirt at home, and there was nothing more sexy on him than that” I., 36, said.

Of course,  if there are other problems in your couple, what you wear won’t have any importance. But if there’s no problem, it’s not worth creating one by letting yourself go, and then wondering why he/she doesn’t like you like when you first met.

So, what do you wear when you’re at home?


3 thoughts on “In between days

  1. Hahaha! I just posted something like this the other day. Because this year I had to work at home, I wore comfy, baggy clothes that were so bland I simply didn’t bother to fix myself up anymore. But then I realized this could be the beginning of what people call “letting yourself go”, especially now that I’m married. So now I take the effort to dress up as if I’m going out even though I’m just going to the other room for work. 🙂

  2. WB, lucky you. But shorts and T-shirts can be sexy.

    Liz, there are comfy clothes sexy too 😉 Besides, sexy is in the attitude. Dressing like a ho doesn’t necessarily make us sexy…

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