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This morning, we had a huge laugh in my newsroom about this news. I could only imagine that big guy calling his wife to sob on her shoulder. Ok, we’re mean. If we were at his place during the Lehman Brothers collapse, God knows what we would have done instead. But as I read in a magazine, men are more sensitive than we think. This stroke me when one of my friends announced she was leaving her husband because she had enough. “I warned him several times about thinking about our couple rather than him alone.  I told him to care a little more about me. But he wouldn’t listen. So, I thought that he would be better off alone. But when I decided to leave him, I didn’t expect him to react the way he did” she said. “He would beg me for months to take him back. He got depressed. He even cried in front of me” she added.

According to psychologists, women manage their emotions  better because they talk about these with their friends. Men, on the other hand, hold their emotions. And when the levee breaks, those  flood like a torrent. Besides, if a woman tries to recreate with her lover the bond she had with her father, a man also tries to do so with an ersatz of his mother. Apparently, this can cause them a lot more nostalgia, a quest for this fusion bliss that is much more overwhelming than the feelings a woman can have. This quest is dangerous, it can lead to self-destruction. I don’t say that women can’t do this too. But psychologists say we don’t react exactly the same in this kind of situation.

Women’s independence nowadays can also cause men to stress more, to be more sensitive. Women are not afraid anymore to talk about their sexuality, and to act like a man with the opposite sex. This is how you can hear stories about guys sobbing about how they met a woman in a bar, sleep with her, and then hear her saying that he was a good shot, but she only wanted to have some pleasure, and that it was the end.

Most men don’t like to be challenged in their sexuality with their partner. My male friends admit they hate women who are very explicit with their needs in the bedroom. But I have to admit I hate that too for a man. So, that leaves us equal 😉

I’m convinced that if men show more emotion nowadays, it’s because our education has changed. We don’t teach little girls to be a nice little housewife. We don’t teach boys not to cry. Is it for a better? That is the question.


2 thoughts on “Hurt

  1. I think it IS better. A lot more men than women commit suicide or die young because they hold their emotions inside. I would rather have a man in touch with his feelings, especially if I want to spend my life with him. I mean, I don’t want him dying suddenly because he’s never learned to cry, you know. ;P

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