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Help me

Once, one of my friends asked me if I could introduce her to one of my single male friends. I replied that the two single guys I knew might be far from her ideal of the prince charming. The first one is divorced, but takes custody of his four children. He’s very very busy, and we all have a hard time seeing him. Yet, he’s adorable. When I told my friend about the children, the colour of her face changed and I thought she was about to faint. So, I told her about my second friend. I love him as a brother, but he’s a little bit special. And I told my friend she might be surprised about him, because he’s not conventional at all. But she said: let’s go for it.

The D-Day, I asked him to join us in a cafe, and when he arrived, I pretended to have a call from my man to come back home early. The next day, she called me and said she wasn’t interested in him at all. And he told me he spent the most annoying date he ever experienced. So, I guess my career as a matchmaker ends here.

I don’t know if matching your single friends is a great idea. Recently, another friend of mine got introduced to one of her friends ‘ friend, and got disappointed by the meeting too. Their friends set up the date during a party with ten other people, and she said the guy spent his time hooked on the cleavage of another girl. She got also offended he didn’t propose to her to pay for her part at the restaurant.

Yet, with  some luck, those odd matches can work. But there is also another option. One of my acquaintances was friend with a girl she met in a knitting class. Once, she was invited to have tea and biscuits at her place, and when she arrived, she fell on her friend’s brother who came to visit her sister. He was tall, handsome, a had a great sense of humor. From that day, they couldn’t live without each other. Another of my acquaintances met her husband through one of her patients. She’s a nurse, and developed friendship with one of her patients. When she had to change her apartment because it was too noisy, but didn’t have access to her next one yet, her patient offered her to stay at her place for the time she needed. And this is how she met her grandchild, who just came back from Canada to say hello to his grandma. Instead of moving to her new apartment, she moved to Canada to follow him.

I don’t know if randomness is better in this kind of situation. But when I see how turn the dates of my friends who want to be introduced to other people, I can’t help wondering if expecting too much of a meeting ruins your chances automatically with the other.

So, do you count on your friends to find the one?   


4 thoughts on “Help me

  1. I think the problem is that people go through blind dates with an ideal already in mind. Of course, they will be terribly disappointed when it doesn’t match the “perfect one” of their dreams. But I believe that if you’re meant to meet your match at a certain time, you will, whether it’s through matchmaking or just a random meeting. 🙂

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