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Cougar town

Before, when a woman dated a younger man than her, it was quite a scandal. People would say she’s ridiculous to do so. Now, this has changed dramatically. With the help of Hollywood, and TV shows like Cougar Town, not to mention the MILF, women can seduce whoever they want, even if the guy is much younger than them. Of course, seeing a 70-year-old lady dating a twenty-something guy has something shocking. But this is something we say too for a man old enough to be your grandpa dating a twenty-something girl. That leaves us equal, isn’t it?

Dating someone much younger than you is now easier than it was before. There are less barriers between the generations. Women don’t feel that old because they’re 50 and over. This is unfortunately a pitiful development in our society: we try to stay young as much as we can. But this is also the consequence of the evolution of women sexuality over time. Distinctions between men and women tend to disappear: we act more and more like men in our professional and social life. So, it’s not surprising anymore to see older women hunting for a younger prey, exactly like a man would do.

Yet, that doesn’t mean all women will do this. I don’t see myself dating a twenty-something guy. Because he would remind me of my cousins, who, at 23 and 24, don’t think that much about anything else than their playstation and football games.  Whether we like it or not, the generation gap is still there. Guys of that age are too pretentious and think they know better than anyone how life is. In my newsroom, the twenty-something men are all like that.

I guess it depends on your personality too. Most women I know still prefer men of a certain age, men they can rely on and they can learn from. Yet, “incidents” can happen. Recently, one of my friends came to visit me because she fell in love with a man five years younger than her, and thought she was committing a huge mistake. She said she always wanted a man older than her, and ended up with him. She didn’t know at first sight he was younger than her. He didn’t know she was older than him. When they learned how old they were, both were a bit shocked. “Normally, he doesn’t date older women” my friend explained. But they are attracted to each other, and get along very well.

We can’t predict who we will fall in love with. Love happens. That’s all. It makes us ridiculous, but it is worth it, isn’t it? So, if we really love each other, the age gap shouldn’t be a real problem.

And for women who date only men much younger than them, well, it’s their problem.

So, here’s the cheesy question of the day: what is the perfect St-Valentine’s Day for you?



4 thoughts on “Cougar town

  1. I think this cougar trend won’t really catch on because most older women tend to act maternal towards younger people, men included. But maybe I’ll find out for sure when I get to that age, hahaha

    The perfect Valentine’s day for me is spending it with the man I love. No need for flowers or gifts. Good food and company, and maybe a nice comedy on DVD. 🙂 What about you?

  2. Ha, Liz, this also something I’ll find out when I get to that age…
    For Valentine’s day, as I love chocolate, as long as he doesn’t forget to bring me a box of it, I’m happy!

  3. I think you hit it right on the nose when you said..”We can’t predict who we will fall in love with. Love happens” I would often let age affect who I dated but lately, I do however have a 10 year rule..9 years older or younger usually is ok..But it depends on the individual..where he or she is in life etc etc..You can find a 24 year old who is mature …

    Movies, chocolate and me time!

  4. Hi colomitalia,
    Thank you! Like you said, it really depends on the person. Age sometimes doesn’t indicate how mature we can be. It’s just a number.
    That’s a great program for V-Day!

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