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In every couple, there are times when you just mock each other just for fun. This can be used after a fight to cool down the tension, but not only. Most of the people I know also admit they like to mock the one they like/love. It’s a way to show them how much they care about them. But unfortunately, there’s a thin line between gently mocking and humiliating the one you love. For example, when you make fun of his/her inability to do something, this can be cruel, and childish. For example, if you can’t cook, would you appreciate if the one you love mocks you on this? I’m not sure. This is a real landmine.

Some people also use this laughing arm to disguise their criticisms. For example, all the bad jokes men make on women, and those women make on men too. Of course, those jokes, if they remain between men or women, don’t hurt, they just make laugh. But if you say this to a man, when you’re a woman, then it’s not funny anymore. Once, I was invited to launch with some guys, and they were impressed by my appetite and my choice among the menu. They joked they thought I would take the salad and eat nothing. And the conversation remained mainly around that during a long moment. You can imagine that I didn’t appreciate at all those stupid remarks.

And then, there’s just cruelty. “My ex used to make fun of me all of the time. It became really, really annoying and hurtful. For example, he would hide my keys, and then watch me searching for it without helping me, nodding his head and saying I’m untidy. He would also always mock my butt, saying I was his little chubby little girl. I always thought I was fat because of that. Not to mention that he was also mocking my appetite and saying I shouldn’t eat so much”I., 34, said.

When jokes become diminishing for the people who receive it, and that it becomes constant, it’s not funny anymore. It’s called harassment.

So, do you mock the one you love?


3 thoughts on “Bad

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  2. I saw this relationship expert on TV once and he said that the sure sign a partnership is doomed is when one person rolls their eyes, sighs, or sneers while the other is talking. I didn’t believe it until I was in a relationship that was beginning to sour. Without thinking, I rolled my eyes while my boyfriend was telling someone a joke that I’ve heard off hundreds of times. That was when I knew it was time to end it.

    So sometimes, it doesn’t take words to humiliate another person. I hesitate to say ‘someone you love’ because I don’t think one can really love someone they humiliate.

  3. You’re right, Liz. Sometimes, it doesn’t take words to humiliate another person. I’ve been told that if you don’t look happy together on picture, then your relationship is in trouble. I don’t know if it’s true. But maybe this goes hand in hand with the rolling eyes, sighs, and sneers…

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