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In the realm of the senses


How  far can we go when we are in love? For some people, there’s no limit. And if you fall in love with the wrong person, you can end up doing things really nasty that can lead you into trouble. The key here is to know your limits. And stick to it, even if you know that it will be a deal breaker for your significant other. This will avoid you to get hurt, physically and mentally speaking. Unfortunately, we can be influenced by the one we love. It can be really subtle. Sometimes, we only realize we were manipulated from the start long after it started.

When sex comes into the equation, I’ve noticed that this is how we can be reduced to a simple sexual object if we don’t watch out. Some people are just too numb to realize this that they just sign  a tacit agreement with their lover. Recently, we were discussing with my friends about a common acquaintance who has a very wild sex life, but isn’t the one initiating everything. Her lover just wants that, and she says yes all of the time. Because she’s afraid of losing him. When she describes her sex life, we’re often horrified by what she says. Her man is a nightmare for every feminist. He’s bully, very directive, loses easily his temper and manipulative. But she doesn’t see it that way. For her, her man is just opening her to her sexuality. She’s amazed she can do that.

The problem is we all know she’s easily influenced. When we were kids, she was always following the others’ advice, even if it was the stupidest one. That hasn’t changed that much now that she’s an adult. We have all warned her she should be more critic. We all told her what he wants from her is very very limit, and constantly flirts with illegality. Because he pushes her to sleep with other men, in the most weirdest public places, so he can watch them. There’s just one step separating her from what is called prostitution.  I don’t think she’s that naive, though. Maybe she actually finds her happiness in all of this. But at what price? And can we call this love?

So, would you accept to lose yourself for the sake of love?


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