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In her shoes

Some women can’t walk with flat heels. They get so used to high heels  that they can’t stand being low on the ground anymore. For some, it’s a way to feel like a woman. Like other would pick the red lipstick.

Recently, as I was shoe shopping, I couldn’t help listening to the two ladies who were discussing in front of me. They both came to try this trendy pair of shoes, ballerinas that can be flip in two and easy to carry in your handbag. These were so pretty they couldn’t help buying it. And one of them decided to wear it immediately, because her feet were killing her, but also because she couldn’t wait the next day to have it on her feet. The other decided to follow her, but then changed her mind. She said she couldn’t walk with them. Then paused. And admitted to her friend she was afraid her man would see her in flat heels. “He never saw me in flat heels. I would be afraid he loves me less if he sees me like that” she said.

She doesn’t need high heels to be attractive, though. She was beautiful. Period. But I guess her heels is just a part of her identity. Without it, she probably doesn’t feel like herself. Some people find their confidence in the most common things. She’s no exception to that.

Why do we use subteties like that? It’s a question of seduction. For some women, it’s a cleavage. Others use clothes that fit them best. And other rely on the high heels.

So, what do you use to seduce?


5 thoughts on “In her shoes

  1. I can understand how something, like heels or glasses, can be part of someone’s identity. But I wouldn’t want to be a slave to an object to make me feel whole.

    I think laughter is my best arsenal for seduction. My man loves it when I laugh. It makes him want to kiss me. Hahaha!

  2. Indeed, Liz, relying on one single object can be boring in the end. And it’s amazing how the cheapest things are the best weapons of seduction 😉

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