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Eh eh (Nothing else I can say)

Communication isn’t always that easy. In every conversation, it can happen that we don’t know what to say. Sometimes, we prefer to keep our mouth shut instead of telling something we will regret later. But those silences can be really meaningful in their own way. Especially if those are accompanied with some body language. An example? If your man says something stupid, you can say nothing but just roll your eyes. And it just tells him how stupid it was.

But telling nothing without using body language can simply mean we give the other reason on what he/she says.  At least, this is how it is interpreted. In violent relationships, this is how you accept the humiliation from your partner. It’s important to react, even if you know you’re wrong. It’s not because you’re wrong that you deserve to be treated the wrong way. Recently, one of my editors went ballistic with one of my coworkers, in front of everyone in the newsroom. and my colleague just waited he finished shouting at him to ask him a little bit of respect, and to stop talking to him like he was a dog. This is the right reaction toward a verbal aggression. It’s important to react and to say you were hurt. If you don’t do that, this is a straight ticket for moral harassment. You just give to your aggressor a validation for his/her behavior.

And if you’re right, it’s another reason to react. If you don’t accept your partner’s behavior, it’s important to tell him/her about it. Otherwise, he/she will keep on acting like that. If he/she doesn’t adapt to your critics, then he/she’s probably too selfish, and not the right person for you.

So, do you like confrontations?


2 thoughts on “Eh eh (Nothing else I can say)

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    she plays a mean piano and has very nice legs. i am surprised that i don’t know who she is… but then i have been living in a hole in the ground.

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