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Come undone

Decoration and storage can be a delicate topic and a matter of argument in a couple. If you share the exact same tastes for decoration and the same sense of storage, then it shouldn’t be a problem. But usually, even if we’re both tidy/ untidy, chances are we wouldn’t share the same concepts of decoration. Go to an Ikea on a Saturday and you would understand why. I don’t know why, but this seems to be the place where couples have an argument, because they disagree on the cupboard/ lights/ bed/ sofa… One of my friends say the decoration of their home is basically the only point where they argue all of the time. She likes a comfy and warm interior, while her husband likes it minimal. So, they often end up doing compromises. But when they decide to buy a new piece of furniture for their apartment, it usually takes them months to realize this project.  H., 35, has another tactic.”We split the decisions in two. If he buys a paint, the next time we will buy something to decorate our house, it will be my turn.  I don’t like what he likes, and he doesn’t approve my choices either. So, this is the only way we have found to solve our arguments”  she said. “People are often surprised when they come to visit us because our house doesn’t seem harmonized at  all. There is a mix and match of artworks, modern and old furniture sitting next to each other, …” she added. P., 41, has another deal. “I have a room only for me in our house. This is where I work, so I can decorate it like I want. But in the other parts of the house, it’s compromise, compromise, compromise all over again all of the time” she said. G., 34, admits she just let her man decide. “When I moved in his apartment, I found his tastes so good that I decided to embrace it. Before him, I never was into decoration or something like that. I knew nothing. He just converted me into his tastes for decoration” she said.

And what if he/she’s untidy, while you’re not?

When I was a banker, I had this client who just looked like a tramp and was really filthy. Yet, his wife was really clean. We called them the lady and the tramp. One of my old coworkers had the occasion once to go to their house. And it was divided in two. The living room was divided in two. There was one part tidy, and the other one untidy, a real mess.  They have always lived like that. I guess this is the deal they found to live with each other.  Some don’t have those deals. And end up fighting all the time with each other. It’s really hard to change an untidy person, like it’s hard to change a tidy person. And I know about this: I’m untidy…

So, are you tidy?



2 thoughts on “Come undone

  1. I’m no slob but I’m not spic and span tidy. I wish I could be and hope for the time when I’ll do the laundry before B. tells me he’s running out of underwear. Haha!

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