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Forget me not

In our busy life, we spend our time chasing after time. So, it can happen that we miss some very  important things along the way. Like for example, wishing to your lover a happy birthday, or missing your ten years anniversary together. If it’s the case, you will have a hard time trying to explain why you forgot that important event. But this can mean a lot about the state of your relationship if you have reached that point. This can also mean it’s time to brake in your professional life, because it’s too invading.

Lately, I’ve realized I’ve been way too preoccupied by my job. As a result, I neglected severely all my friends and my family. But only an external event reminded me of that. My friends say it’s always the case. And everytime,  it just reminds me how miserable I am. Luckily, they understand and forgive me all the time. And I’m not the only one who forget about the group or the family. So, that leaves us all equal…

In a long term relationship or a long term friendship, these oversights are forgivable because we all know each other.  But these have to be very, very occasional. On the long run, this is simply how you ruin a relationship and friendship . When the bond is new, this is where you can lose quickly your new friend/lover. It just shows you don’t really care about him/her. On the other hand, this is also a very coward way to break up with him/her.

So, do you often forget about things?


3 thoughts on “Forget me not

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    i seem to care less and less about dates and anniversaries the older i get. there are some dates that i cannot forget, but it seems that it is more important just to cherish what we do have each and every day rather than putting too much significance on what we had in the past.

    every day is special…

    and every day is an anniversary of some sort…

    and those that realize this i think are our truest friends and family…

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