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Why can’t I

Recently, one of my friends told me she had strange physical reactions whenever the man she’s in love with is coming to see her. She says she can feel he’s in the same place without seeing him. And noticed she has butterflies in her stomach in those moments. I replied that she knows he’s going to meet her in a new york minute, so she’s probably just anticipating that meeting. After all, who never had butterflies in his/her stomach before an important date?

These butterflies are just caused by epinephrine. It’s the same reaction than when you’re stressed or worried about something. But when it comes to love, feeling this is such a pleasant one, isn’t it? Of course, when you’re not yet in a relationship, this can serve as a good indicator of your feelings for the other. And these don’t lie. Another friend of mine took a very long time to realize she was in love with one of her coworkers. She was constantly fighting with him. But each time he went away for his job, and came back into the office weeks later, she just felt very stressed before the D-Day. She couldn’t explain why at first. But I told her she couldn’t stop talking about him all of the time and that she might be in love with him. She looked at me with horror when I said that. But then, she admitted I had reason. And asked me what she should do. Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t want her to get disappointed if her feelings for him isn’t mutual. Plus, she would be embarrassed at work. This is all the problems you have to encounter with love at the office. Unfortunately.

On the other hand, if she doesn’t do anything and wait patiently for a thin sign of reaction coming from him, chances are she will never know.

Living your life asks sometimes for some courage and honesty.  So, what would you do?


4 thoughts on “Why can’t I

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    as a friend once said a while ago: “never be afraid to tell someone that you love them…”

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