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My sweet prince

According to this study,

women from countries with healthier populations prefer more feminine-looking men

In fact, it’s a question of fidelity. A man with masculine features is more likely to cheat than a man with feminine ones. I don’t know if it’s true. But the article also points this:

Women with the weakest masculinity preferences of all lived in Belgium, a country considered to have one of the best publicly funded health-care systems in Europe

So, in other words, the richer woman are, the weaker masculinity preferences they will have.  I was reading an article about bimboys, those men who behave exactly like a woman, a metrosexual connected to his emotions, in other words. Apparently, in the western civilization, these men are becoming more and more common. It’s an evolution linked to our ways of living.

I wanted to know if women around me would pick a feminine guy. And most of them replied that it depends on how feminine he is.

Personally, I wouldn’t want if he wears makeup and spends his time in the bathroom. But if he’ sensible and shows some understanding of your problems, like a woman would do, this is a plus” P., 34, said.

Sensible, yes, but not a sissy. I dated once a guy who was afraid of everything and would let me kill the spider, chase the mouse, open the door to strangers. Instead of defending me in a conversation with a bully man, he would just disappear ” K., 35, said.

“It depends. If he listens and try to understand me, that’s OK. But I don’t want him to react like a woman who changes her mind every hour  and would cry for any reason” O., 40, said.

I’m a bit skeptical though about how sustainable a relationship can be with a really sensible guy. Because if he becomes like your BFF, it can ruin the relationship.  Love and friendship are two different things. Do you agree?


2 thoughts on “My sweet prince

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    i think you are right that love and friendship are two different things. whenever i hear people say that they either married their best friend or that their best friend happens to be their spouse, i feel bad for them because i think they have cheated themselves; i think those people settled for safety instead of choosing the risk and vulnerability that comes from really falling crazy mad in love.

    a lover should be something much more than just a friend or confidant or even someone to just go shopping with. a lover should challenge you in ways a friend never would… or could.

    of course, a lover is much closer than a friend. friends come and go, but lovers are burned forever into our soul and we can never ever let them go… no matter how hard we might try.

    it’s the intimacy of lovers that makes all the difference.

  2. Ah, Ellis, I agree with you that a lover should be much more than just a friend. A friend doesn’t change your life, change your goal, make you addicted like your lover would do.

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