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I will follow

Sacrifices in the name of love are the best proofs of love you can show. But if it’s a sacrifice, it’s often a really difficult choice you have to make.   It wouldn’t be a sacrifice otherwise.

Recently, I was reading an interview of Arielle Dombasle where she explained she accepted to follow her man in his new apartment and leave in a furniture keeper all the belonging she couldn’t take with her. She said she didn’t choose to move out of her comfy home, but as he requested it, she just obeyed to him.

I don’t know if this is a real sacrifice. It looks like it. Personally, if I was her, it would have broken my heart to leave my comfy home.

Leaving things you love behind can be considered as a sacrifice. If you refuse to do so, then, maybe you’re not that in love.

Two weeks ago, I was sitting in a hotel lounge, waiting for my interview to begin, where I caught two ladies chatting behind me. One was talking about her husband’s decision to move back in his parents’ s town, and was devastated by this because she spent almost ten years building and decorating their house. Her husband applied for a job in that town, but he didn’t expect to have a positive reply. She didn’t either, and was badly surprised by this news. When I left the hotel after my interview, I just thought that if she doesn’t follow him, their couple will be over within months.

Another kind of sacrifice would be accepting to do what the other wants you to do. But here, I’m not talking about household chores and cleaning the garbage. It’s more about something that requires a huge effort from you. For example, stop to smoke, eat vegetarian, change your religion, …

Love isn’t not that easy. But if it was, it wouldn’t be love, would it?


3 thoughts on “I will follow

  1. It does need a bit of sacrifice. I left my country, family, friends, job, and life back home to follow B. here. It was difficult and it took me months to really take the plunge but in the end I did because he was worth it.

    I think if you have deal breakers in mind then you shouldn’t start a relationship with someone at all. I learned that with an ex who claimed he could quit smoking if he wanted. I waited for a couple of years and realized he really couldn’t and won’t. Saying and doing are two different things. Had B. been a smoker, I wouldn’t have gone out with him because I know that there are just some things a person will never give up even for a loved one.

  2. Indeed, Liz, trying to make someone quit smoking is impossible. Addictions are hard to get rid of. And that’s a big sacrifice you made for your B. He can eat a lot of spicy food to compensate now… 😉

  3. Ellis I. Lee says:

    no, love is not easy…

    making a real sacrifice for someone else is hard. if that were the measure of love in our society, i think a lot of people would suddenly wake up and realize that theirs is not love.

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