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A little L

Recently, I had a strange conversation with one of my acquaintances about his former boss. I also knew him when he was working in that company, and at the end of his mandate, we all knew he had a mistress in the building.  My acquaintance thinks he was fired for that reason. Some companies don’t like when their employees get intimate. But he also thinks it was just an affair, nothing more serious.

I really doubt about this. The guy isn’t shy about showing his mistress around. If it was really an affair, their couple wouldn’t have made it to the light. Most of my friends and acquaintances who had an affair told me they were ashamed of it and hid it to their entourage. Either because they were committed in a relationship elsewhere, or because they didn’t think this would like very long.

Maybe I’m wrong and that they are actually having an affair. The romantic I am can’t imagine their legitimate partner just close their eyes on this. Perhaps they’re in an open marriage?


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