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A kind of so-so love

What is a so-so love? It’s a relationship that doesn’t give you what you want. How do we notice it? Simply by the look on you face. Usually, it’s your friends who will notice this first, but there are warning signals too.

It’s for example spending your life on the phone and on the internet with him, but never see him in front of you, hugging you,… In that case, if you want to make sure you’re not committing a mistake, try to stay away from internet and don’ t answer to your phone if it’s him. If he’s not reacting, then, he’s not worth it.

It’s the roller coaster of feelings, that will leave you badly damaged. One day, it’s on. One day, it’s off, until it’s over for good. A retirement in another country, town, far away from him, for a long period, can help you forget about him.

It’s a relationship where he disappears for good and you couldn’t reach him anymore. But then, one of your friends sees him in a bar in a very intense conversation with a woman. If you want, you can spill your drink on him. But it”s better if you tag him in a picture on Facebook, and comment about his little habits in bed…

It’s a relationship where he lies all of the time. And always finds good excuses to avoid keeping his promises. Normally, you will get bored quickly with him. But if you don’t, then, ask yourself why you need to believe in his lies.

It’s a relationship where he does nothing to make you stay with him, but you hang on to him because you don’t want to leave your comfort. Here, it’s easy. Go to a bar, and let you go loose with the opposite sex.

That’s easy said. And sometimes, we can meet a guy who gathers all these flaws. I know one.

So, what annoys you the most in a so-so relationship?


6 thoughts on “A kind of so-so love

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    the worst part about a so-so relationship is realizing one day that you had settled for safety or stability but you feel and believe in your heart that you deserved so much more from life. to have regrets…

    i have friends i see who are in so-so relationships, and i want to kick them in the head because they acts like idiots around these women who are just wasting their lives. yesterday, someone told me that his fiancee had broken up with him the night before, and he did not really seemed bothered by that. his reaction was: “if she wants to act stupid, she can.” and that had me wondering if he ever really loved this girl. but the problem is i don’t think he really know what love is.

    maybe that is the benefit have having gone through a couple so-so relationships: it helps us recognize the real thing when we see it…

  2. Ellis, many people who are in couple are not in love. It’s friendship with sex, comforting,… but it’s not true love. Some people don’t know what love is. But I’m convinced they will experience it once in their life. It would be a shame if not. It’s called wasting your life.
    But you’re right, a couple of so-so relationships helps you to recognize the real thing when it comes by.

  3. *N* says:

    I think the worst is putting all your heart and love into a relationship for many months or years and slowly coming to realize that that person isn’t on the same level as you and the only reason they been with you this whole time is cause its convenient for them or you have something they want or need. It’s terribly upsetting and makes you feel like, why after all this time couldn’t I just realize this and accept it??! When u look back at it you think, ya they never really showed or put effort into really making you happy and that should be a huge part in a real true relationship, caring and wanting to make you happy. But yes, having this so so realtionships helps a person to truly know what love can and should be in the futures so you can try to avoid it from happening again.. As far as other people you know that stay in these so so relationships, it just comes down to them thinking that this person is so right for them and they love them so much that no one could ever take their place cause they are to afraid to be alone and that as long as they love that person all will be ok. As much as I love the Beatles, there does need to be a little more than love for it to work.

  4. Hi N.,
    that’s the saddest part about love, not being loved back the way we should. But if you stay in a relationship like that for years, and don’t try to change a thing, maybe you don’t listen to the warning signals, and you should ask yourself why you don’t. Love isn’t everything. But loving yourself is helping, a lot. Thanks for stopping by.

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