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Good girl gone bad

Recently, on Facebook, we played a little game with my female friends. It was called: count your points. Basically, we had to add points each time we did something bad, like for example cheating on your other half, stealing, beating someone, sleeping with someone and not remember it the day after, sleeping with the same sex,… And I score 175 points. One of my friends had over 300 points at that game. And you know what, we’re proud of it. I regret that there weren’t additional bad points, like for example sleeping with a guy, and tell him the day after, after he admitted that he wanted you for years, that you were heart-broken and that you needed time to recover from it, only to date another man three days later … So, that makes me a sentimental delinquent.

This, I”m not proud of it. I was really confused at that time. It’s true that I was heart-broken, I was drunk that night, and the guy I dated three days later was the shoulder I could cry on. It was a long time ago. I also remember that we once spoke about this incident with a female group during a drunken night, and that I wasn’t the only bad girl. One girl admitted she did worse, by banging her man’s best friend on the balcony of their apartment, while her man was asleep on the couch. Another said she slept with her professor, married of course, just because she wanted to.

Why do we act like this? Well, sometimes, we”re just tired of listening to our good conscience, but sometimes, it just shows our own insecurities. Besides, if we were all perfect, it would be boring. We’re just human after all. And that’s a great thing.

So, is there anything wrong you’re proud of ;)?


3 thoughts on “Good girl gone bad

  1. Niobe says:

    I think it gets back to the title of this blog -what does love have to do with it? We’re all an intricately woven mixed bag of love and bad habits… maybe even some bad habits we love more than the men we date. I’m figuring it out a little at a time. This is my crazy head.

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