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Do you know what love means?

“The perfect resonance, that’s what love is all about”

Last night, I had again a strange conversation with B. where we discussed among other things about writing, catharsis, and love.  He said those few words just after we described Celine‘s love  life, in particular the love of his life, Elizabeth Craig, who left him because she feared she wouldn’t represent anything to him  if she grew old. B. said she didn’t understand what love is.

I don’t agree with B.

You can have the greatest bond ever with someone, but it is always fragile. Ellis, you would agree with me, in a world where there’s always someone smarter, brighter, more beautiful than you, you can never be sure you have the greatest bond ever with the one you love.  Besides, what is a perfect resonance? Is it how you reflect your lover’s image? That’s not love, that’s just pure narcissism.

As I said, love is accepting to lose. It is accepting to lay your destiny in the hands of your lover, and accepting the total randomness of this. It’s a risk, so this means you can lose a lot in this. But we accept it because it carries the promise of changing our life.

It doesn’t mean that you have to be totally subdued to the one you love. If you just agree with everything she/he says, this is the best way to kill your romance.

But for sure, if you believe love is about the greatest bond, this is quite a comforting view. Until a third party invites himself/herself in the way.

Nothing is rational about love.

I guess B. hasn’t experienced what true love is…


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