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Roads to perdition

Roads to love can be complicated. Yet, sometimes, it can be simple as a click or a phone call.

Many couples I know met each other on internet. They suscribed to a dating site and decided to give it a go. When I ask them if they fell in love before they actually saw each other in real life, many of them answer positively. “Otherwise, why the hell would I have spent my time chating with her on the net” one of them said.

However, the first virtual meeting can be deadly too. After all, love is all about tests. So, this can serve as the first serious test of our newborn love. One of my friends decided to remain friend with the guy she met on the internet, because when they met each other, there wasn’t any spark.

Some do pass that test. Another friend of mine told me she got hooked with a guy on the internet. They couldn’t stop sending emails to each other. And when they met, it was instant love. She told me she knew inside of her she would fancy him. Luckily for her, he’s quite handsome. And she’s beautiful, so I guess their first encounter was just written in the stars…

And what about the phone? I was once watching a stupid TV shows where a farmer explained he fell in love with a woman who accidentally dialed his number. The story didn’t tell if they are still together right now, though…

One of my friends think it’s impossible to fall in love on the phone. Yet, there are couples who form thanks to SMS (and generally end with texting) . That doesn’t mean it’s true love. I guess we could call this a so-so love.

The same dynamic goes with writing. I did mention before that I don’t think it’s possible to fall in love with someone just by reading his/her text. It’s just a trigger…

Love needs to nurture itself. Internet, mobile, … aren’t enough on their own.


One thought on “Roads to perdition

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    too many people confuse lust for love. i once called victoria secrets to order something for someone, and the phone operator had the most amazing sexy voice imaginable. for a moment, i was envisioning elizabeth hurley on the other end.

    i wanted to keep calling back.

    i thought i was in love.

    but it was lust.

    pure lust!

    the human mind is a funny thing. if you give your brain one bit of information, it likes to construct an entire world out of it. if i only heard a sexy voice on the phone, my brain would think that she has to be slim and fit… that by being slim and fit she would have to be beautiful and attractive… that by being beautiful and attractive she would have to be caring and nice… that by being caring and nice she would have to be a wonderful person i would be stupid not to fall in love with…

    i hate my brain.

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