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Infinite patience produces immediate results. This was my fortune cookie for friday. In this world where we consume everything quickly, patience is like setting yourself aside from it.

In my job, patience is essential. I have to interview big personalities, who are not available. And it can take months, even years, before I get the opportunity to have them in front of me. Even for writing my articles, I need material, informations that don’t come easily.

When it comes to love, patience is essential too. One of my friends says it’s important to take your time before jumping into a relationship. It’s even more important to wait before spending the night together, she thinks. I do agree with her. Love doesn’t come easily.

This is how you can fall desperately in love with someone, but don’t get into a relationship immediately because there are a lot of hurdles. When I was in high school, there was a girl who was secretly in love with one of my classmates. But he never knew about it until recently. He was the guy who dated most of the girls in our school. And was never alone. So, she never dared telling him about her feelings at that time. She thought her love for him would fade away when they would study in different towns.

They went their separate ways during College. But funny enough, they got back to our school. They’re now teachers. During College, he got fed up with dating so many girls, and wanted to settle down. But never found the woman he was looking for. She, on the other hand, decided to take her love life in hands, and dated as many men she could. But no one could keep up with her former flame.

When they met again, in our school, years later, they looked at each other and wondered if they would make a good match. It didn’t happen immediately. It took them a year to get together. They needed to tame each other first.

She told me she felt her heart racing again when she saw him after all these years. And almost blew it up because she was too excited to get into that relationship. He wanted to be sure she was the one, so he put her to the test. She was a bit disoriented by this. But we all told her to wait, to be patient.

They’re now married. And she’s pregnant with their second child. I think it was worth waiting.

But it’s not easy to wait, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Dianis says:

    hey! nop is not easy.. and I’m not talking about love only, it’s all about actually… I’m a person who loses her patiente easily.. I want things right now, but sometimes I can’t get them, so I go down…

    Love is hard thing.. I can’t find Mr. right, but that’s not a problem.. I’ve been trying to go to another country and make a life there, I’ve been trying for years and I can’t get it.. that makes me feel unsuccessful and that I never can get it.. patiente is the best but I dont know how manage it, cause I’ve been waiting for many things during many years..

  2. Hey Dianis,
    Love is for sure a hard thing. But if it doesn’t give you what you need, or just what you want, why waste your time? Patience is one thing, but there’s a limit to it, and it is called self-esteem. Have you tried being honest with your feelings, and honest to the one you love? Sometimes, it can help a lot. It can spare you a lot of mental anguish, and help you make a decision about if you should hang on to him or just leave.
    I know, this is easily said. But being honest is probably the best advice I can give you.
    Take care.

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