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An easier lover

I wrote recently that I don’t believe it’s easier to date an older man. Well, a recent conversation with one of my friends, and an article I found in a magazine, made me change my mind.

In fact, it depends a lot on how the man sees a woman. I’ve met a lot of disrespectful men in my life, who only treat women as pure object, and I must say I’ve been influenced a lot by it. In my world, my professional, I often see powerful men dating young and very beautiful women. I can’t count the numerous dinner galas where I was invited and where all those guys were accompanied by their “wife”, who looked as if they just finished a photoshoot in the latest Vogue edition.

But then, I realized that all men weren’t like that. Luckily. My friend told me I had it wrong when I wrote my previous post. Because some men do love women for what they are. No matter how fat, how imperfect  they are. This is what he said. “We’re all  not looking for a woman who will satisfy us in bed. This doesn’t make a relationship” he said.

He’s convinced older men can be easy lover, depending on what we expect from them. “All men don’t want just a one-night stand. And passed a certain age, we can get tired about that. So, if we pick a woman, it is to have a serious relationship, and this won’t be based on her looks. We also look for a strong connection” he said.

Hence, the recommandations of those two women can come handy to catch that kind of men…

Maybe I’m too cynical.


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