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What’s my age again?

As I evolve right now in the thirty-something world, many people ask me if I plan to get married or have children really soon. Most women of my age fall into that category.  But I don’t see why I should absolutely follow their example. And many of my single friends agree with this. After all, we decide what we want to do with our life. It’s not our age that should decide what we have to do.

It’s true that most of thirty-something women follow the same social pattern. That particular age is the one where our professional career finally takes off after many years spent to build something without that much success.

It could also be that age where we finally find the career we want to follow. A friend of mine only found recently what she wanted to do in her life. So, this is the right time women choose to have a baby. Or not.

Yet, some women do have their kids earlier or later because life has decided otherwise. A friend of mine, who’s 42, told me she lost hope to have a kid and settle down. She’s not exactly what we could call a conventional woman. But she has lived her life like she wanted so far. This included living in various countries,  changing jobs and men repeatedly.

For those who hear their biological clock ticking, this age can also be a problem. I’ve seen many women of my age adopting curious eating habits, dieting to the extreme, abusing sports and looking for the help of surgery just because they feel it’s now or never to catch their “prey” or keep him. It’s among them that you will find the one who can’t go out without any makeup, high heels, and a killer style. They are also the ones who have a more daring sexuality (and who collect sextoys).  Younger women are generally too shy or too unexperienced to do this. And older women don’t care or are much confident about how they look to try this.

This is an age where we can make our key choices. We can choose convention, tradition, order, and its opposite, confusion. I guess  I chose the last one. I know I’m not the only one.

So, when did you know you had to follow your own path?


One thought on “What’s my age again?

  1. Ellis I. Lee says:

    i think there is much to admire about women and the choices they make. there is a quote i saw the other day that went like this: just because someone wanders doesn’t mean that they are lost…

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