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The key to your heart

Do you believe there’s someone perfect for you? Someone who holds the key to your heart?

Some believe it, some don’t. Among those who argue that soulmates don’t exist, some say that it’s like wishing for something that will never happen. And that this is how you can miss great opportunities to meet great people.

Many of my friends don’t believe in soulmates. Yet, some of them are married. And they tell me that they didn’t think their other half was the “one”. One of them met her husband in a dance class. He was there with other guys she got along. She said she could have been with them too. But he made his move, and got her. She’s happy with him. She doesn’t think he’s the one, because they don’t have a lot of common points. But she’s convinced there’s nobody else who can make her happy like he does.

Another one met her man in high school. Back then, she said she wasn’t interested in him at all. But she let him approach her. They did separate a few months when she went studying in Copenhague, but when she came back, she decided to take him back. The men she dated during her year off weren’t as kind as her man, and she realized she was better off with him. As for the one, well, she said he could be the one, after all these years spent together.

Maybe she’s right. Love isn’t immediate, and takes time to develop genuinely. Only time will tell if he/she’s the right person for you. Of course, time on itself isn’t enough. Otherwise, why would couples divorce after 6 to 13 years?

In the end, I believe that the one is the person who helps you to build your couple, the one who helps you to write your love story, the story of your life.


5 thoughts on “The key to your heart

  1. biggiesmiles says:

    Love does time to grow. I don’t ever believe anyone who says “I knew I was going to marry her the minute I laid my eyes on her”. I used to believe in soulmates, but with my current situation I am no long sure. I have wondered before whether we are only bound to those in close proximity. Meaning, I’ve lived in the same city my entire life, and I highly doubt I would be married to the same person if I lived else where.

  2. Speaking as one who has yet to find Mr. Right, I believe that we shouldn’t rely on another person to make us happy. Happiness is deeply personal and rests on ourselves.

    I’m glad these women have found someone to love.

  3. Hi biggiesmiles,
    Our life is a journey we need to explore. You never know what life holds and what you should expect from it. So, advance in life with an open heart, and you will see what happened.

  4. Cardiactamponade,
    No, we shouldn’t rely on another person to make us happy. But we can enjoy the other’s company. And that’s a great thing.

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