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Squeeze out sparks of light

Among the people we meet, there are some who just leave us indifferent. The same principle goes with dating. Among the dates we can have, some can leave us indifferent too.

Women know when they liked the guy or not mostly based on their intuition. Hence, the “spark”. We often use this term to say if we’re into a guy or not. And it serves as a good indicator for the future of the relationship.

When I was younger, I had an acquaintance who dated a guy “by accident”. They met in a bar, but knew already each other because they had common friends. But she told me she never felt anything for the guy. They just dated for three months like that, until she met someone else.

A friend of mine just told me recently she was feeling any spark with the man she’s currently seeing. She got introduced to him through mutual friends too. So far, they haven’t got the opportunity to spend some time together alone, so I told her to wait and see when their first real date would happen. But she already knows she’s not into the guy. They have been in touch very often on the phone and on the internet, and she finds him a little bit boring.

They’re supposed to meet for a date really soon. I told her she’ll know then if it’s worth to pursue the relationship or not.

It’s not that easy to follow our intuition, though. Our fears can easily interfere in our feelings. My acquaintance admitted she dated him so she couldn’t feel alone. Even if in reality, she did feel alone in her relationship because he didn’t give her what she wanted. As for my friend, I know there is a little bit of inner conflict in her.

As for my part, I just trust my intuition. I’m naturally drawn to guys with big personalities, able to make me laugh and sweep me off my feet. There are not many  of them on this planet.

So, do you follow your intuition?


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