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Start me up

Do you remember when your relationship started? Although for some, this is a magical period, it’s also the trickiest part of the relationship. That’s why some women choose to be friends with their future partner before getting serious in the relationship.

But this is only a worry if you want to build something with the one you’re in love with. If you just want to have sex, well, that’s another story.  Even if sometimes, some great love affairs start with sex, precisely.

“When I met I. for the first time, I was immediately attracted  by him. He was really handsome and charismatic. We didn’t sleep immediately together, but after our first real date, we did. I didn’t want to wait the regular three dates before getting laid. I knew I took the risk of never see him again afterwards. But luckily for me, he did call after our first date. And from that day, we could get enough of each other. Even if at first, we were very surprised of each other’s personality. We had a lot of fights because of that. I guess these were adjustments” U., 37, recalls.

For some people,  sex just comes after long, long and long fights.

P. and I. didn’t sleep with each other for months, because we wanted to make sure we were right for each other before. But we ended up fighting and fighting at the beginning. Both of us have strong personalities, and we had some difficulties finding a harmony together at first. But we’re both stubborn, and we did love each other really deeply, so it was no way we would give up easily. And we had reason to stick to our promises” O.,32, explains.

For  a reason, this is called the lovers’ tiff. And it’s absolutely great, absolutely fine, if it’s combined with passion. Deeply intertwined.

So, do you remember when it started?


One thought on “Start me up

  1. hehehe.. Yea.. sure I remember when it started.. 🙂 how can I forget it..
    we were friends first..although from the very beginning he told me that he loved me.. but then even though i knew i had this deep ‘crush’ on him, i also had a soft spot for V. and couldn’t just tell him yes at the onset and risk a heart break.. we were friends for a pretty long while and then finally after 2 years, i started dropping hints that i love V. and well, he soon enough picked up on it.. and now we are verrry happily married!!! 🙂

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